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Simon is currently fully booked with clients and teaching commitments. He is, therefore, unable to take on any new clients at this time.

When new client session appointments become available again, our contact form will reappear below.


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Client Success Story

I was 59 when I started to see Simon. My back (which had frequently severely troubled me over the previous 40 years) was really bad again.

The 'normal' pain and ache was constant, I had simply got used to living with that and accepted it as 'normal'; but this was one of the really bad episodes again.

At my initial meeting with Simon, he asked me what my goals and objectives were. I said to sort out my back; to significantly improve my general health and well-being; to have a movement programme that I could do at home (or anywhere), and not just at the gym; and to be able to ride my mountain bike for a fortnight's holiday in the Scottish Highlands without my back causing me any problems (or, as it usually did, stopping me from riding at all for a number of days of the holiday).

And, more generally, to give myself the best chance of being fit and healthy for the next 30 years - to be flexible, agile, able to do strenuous exercise, strong and fit.

I can honestly say that ALL my goals and objectives have been met - and much more than I ever hoped or imagined!

I can also honestly say that the money I have spent with Simon has been up there with the 'best that I have ever spent'. I view it as an investment in my old age, for the next 30 years.

Simon loves what he does, is so keen and enthusiastic, is always learning and sharing that information, and improving on what he actually delivers to us, his clients.

Simon's approach is like almost no other in the health or therapy profession. It incorporates so much and is so good and effective. It cannot be compared to 'the industry' or norm...

I will not go into detail, but I can assure you that all the techniques Simon has in his 'toolbox' put him way ahead of anything else out there in the marketplace.

His emphasis on movement mastery, using the right muscles/muscle groups for each and every excercise, tailoring an exact programme for your detailed requirements and issues, using mainly body weight exercises, the corrective techniques and so much more will mean that every penny, and minute, that you spend with him will be returned to you 'tenfold'.

Nigel D.

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