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About Simon

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As featured on the BBC 1 TV series 'Doctor in The House' working with Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Simon is a skilled and experienced therapist dedicated to helping people get to the underlying cause of their pain and dysfunction. He began working with and assisting clients with pain, movement, and injury problems in 2006.


In addition to helping clients in his private clinic near Chester (UK), Simon also works as a teaching instructor for NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT). He regularly travels across the UK and Europe, teaching other health, fitness, and medical professionals at NKT educational courses how to assess and treat neuromuscular dysfunctions with their clients and patients.

Our 'Feel and Move Better' Package Includes:

  • 90-minute, in-depth initial assessment and treatment session.

  • Three 60-minute follow-up sessions to check and continue your progress.

  • Support, guidance, and advice via email and video between sessions.

  • Personalised 'self-care exercise' programme, including coaching support emails and follow-along instructional videos.

  • Our unique 'Feel Better in 4... or Schedule No More' session guarantee.

Client Success Story

I recently hired Simon to help me with an annoying long-term injury I sustained in the gym. It had been plaguing me for a long time (approx. 6 years) and flared up every now and then when I was training.

In the past, I'd tried a number of different treatments, including everything from deep massage, acupuncture and a number of other therapies... pretty much most things besides surgery!

Their effectiveness had been varied and mainly resulted in either multiple follow-up sessions or the injury kept coming back the moment I went back into the gym.

I heard about Simon through word of mouth from a large number of well-respected therapists in the UK and also internationally.

Simon is up there as one of my go-to people for injury rehabilitation; he was very professional, friendly and had confidence surrounding him which put me at ease. His knowledge of the human body and detective skills is one of the best I have experienced and he assessed my body as a whole unit, rather than just isolating the painful area.

My body now moves freely and I feel so much better, I do wonder how I always coped before seeing Simon. He is now my go-to therapist for all injuries.

Venard Fong

Frequently Asked Questions

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